A guide to men’s attire for every occasion

Nowadays, the phrase ‘dress code’ is only related to workplace rules. But earlier, by ‘dress code’ people meant the style statement. You will find it very rare to see a dress code in normal social gatherings.  Today, it is becoming like cursive handwriting, which has an old-world charm and significance, but no one seems to be much concerned about it. Casual dress is a rage these days. The problem is, even by casual dress you can look classy, but people are losing their so-called ‘dressing sense’. So, if you are invited to an event which has a specific dress code or if you are planning an event with a dress code, then my friend, don’t look anywhere else but here. So, do some shopping from Dealvoucherz and keep on reading:

  1. Formal dress code

Most of us baldly misunderstood the concept of ‘formal attire’. It is much more than just suits and ties. Calling a formal dress code means wearing the clothes, which you don’t have, mostly. Also make sure of the fact that if you are not wealthy enough and you have requested formal attire to your invitation, it is most likely that your guests need to rent most of their clothes. According to the code, formal attire for men changes by the course of the day. In the morning it is tailcoat with a vest, and in the night, it is a white tie. Formal attire is followed in diplomatic meetings or sittings.

  1. Semi-formal dress code

Don’t get fooled by the name. It will still be the toughest dress code that you have to wear in your whole life. Like the formal attire, it also changes with the course of time. In the daytime a stroller is appropriate, which is a relaxed alternative of the morning dress, and in the night, it is still the good old tuxedo. Most of us even don’t know the distinction. So, if you got an invitation where you have to follow a semi-formal dress code, try to take a week to prepare yourself for the event. And by preparation, I meant the renting of clothes.

  1. Business dress code

A business dress code for men signifies only one thing. That is matched suits. So, if you are invited to a business event, it is preferable that you should give importance to the formal attire and wear a dark, pinstriped or solid colour suit. With that, wear a conservative tie, black leather Oxfords and a white dress shirt; and voila! You are back in business. To be more specific, formal attire will do the needful.

A guide to men’s attire for every occasion

  1. Business casual

Well, if you think that the word casual will make the dress down then my friend you are wrong. You still have to wear a jacket, but it is not mandatory. The preferable dress for the business casual is a navy-blue blazer with khaki. Sometimes, it is also called the ‘California suit’ because it is a common dress-down alternative to the common business attire.

  1. Casual dress code

Well, it is the literal casual dress code. A casual invitation means it has many open ends. You can dress there as casual as you want. But, still, there are expectations to look good. It is not mandatory to wear neckties there, but a casual jacket will still go fine. Similarly, you can wear jeans if the dress code of the invitation is casual. But make sure that they are dark, fitted jeans and not a plain work or toned out jeans. Leather shoes and collared shirts can also be considered as a good option. Casual dress code signifies that hosts want to keep it simple, but it should be visible that you have made an effort to look good perhaps a light one.

  1. ‘Optional’ dress code

The word ‘optional’ defines that the host want to wear you the dress that they have decided but you can dress otherwise as well. So, if you are not capable of renting the dress, you don’t have to worry. But make sure of the fact that, do not dress casually. At least try to be as formal as possible.

Till now, you must have understood that following specific dress code is not a matter of joke. You have to be prepared for it. Some rules have to be followed to maintain the proper dress code. So, give some time and go through the above article to get an idea about different types of dress codes.