Top ways to keep you entertained when everyone else is busy

Are all your friends busy with their life? Nothing on the TV? Are you bored as hell? Well, there are lot of things you can do with your own company. Yeah, I’m serious. There are a lot of things like counting clouds, listening to your favourite music genre or your favourite band, playing outside, having a walk through the neighbourhood. Or you can make play dough, make a vlog to put it on YouTube, write a review on the website of Amazon of the last purchase of yours. You can even go for a window shopping too.

We all are human beings running in a rat race. Most of us don’t know what they want to be whether a scientist or an artist. And believe me or not, all this time you spend in your own company may help you to find your real passion. All these things you keep doing to entertain yourself, you may realise that you love one of these things more than the rest. However, you don’t need to do something to find your passion. Just spending some time in your own company, thinking about yourself can help you build up your character as well as a career too.

So here are some of the top ways to entertain yourself when you’re alone.

  • Going outside

Do you remember the last time you went outside? Roam around the neighbourhood. Discovering new lanes and roads. In our childhood, there was a time when we used to roam around the local area on our tricycle almost every day. Try going back to those days whenever you get bored. At least a walk down the memory lane will gift you the long-lost smile at the corner of your lips. And you will get a refreshing mind.

  • Get the free membership of the cloud appreciation society

Yes, you heard it right again. I know the problems introvert people face very often. They don’t always get people with the same mental state. So, they cannot always cope with others. Thus, they have a solution to their me-time. They can enlist their name to the cloud appreciation society. Well, you don’t have to pay a single penny for this. Find a place, from where you can watch the sky. Lay down and appreciate the clouds. The more greenery you find around you, the better the mental peace you’ll achieve.

  • Finding four-leaved clove

This is way easier than finding Nemo if you get a big yard or a field in your locality. Well, let’s have a walk. Look at the grass closely for the good luck. And when you find one, keep it in a book, or gift it to your crush. Or I’ll suggest you leave it there and search for the next.

While we suggest you some of the ways to enjoy your company outside your home, there are some ways of indoor entertainment too to have a great time with yourself.

  • Create a fan page
    Top ways to keep you entertained when everyone else is busy

I’m not aware about others, but when I felt bored once, I made a fan page of my favourite artist. All you must do is create a spare email account to open a new fan page. Look, social networks don’t allow FAKE ACCOUNTS with FAKE IDENTITIES in their server. But until it’s a tribute or fan page, it is permitted. So next time when you feel bored, use the additional email account that you once created for, um…. well, no reason and use it to create a tribute or fan page on your favourite celebrity. The very first fan page I opened on Facebook was on Chester. What about you?

  • Listen to music

I was waiting for this point to come from the very beginning. When I thought of writing about the topic, I knew I would write about this. Well, as most of us realised that music is the best stressbuster we would ever have. Listening to good music makes our mind fresh and peaceful every time. Whenever you feel bored, make the room dark and lay on the bed with headphones in your ear. With eyes closed and the favourite band in your playlist, there is absolutely nothing in this world can beat this ambience. Music will make you more peaceful, and you can spend a perfect evening with yourself.

  • Make a vlog to put it on YouTube

You can also create videos when you have a good internet connection and a webcam. Make videos on contents like reviewing the new soap you used, the new street food you tried, or the latest movie you’ve watched. If you don’t have a webcam, then do not worry. Use the HMV voucher code to buy a handy-cam. There are varieties of price range and categories of hand-cam in the market. And the best part of using the HMV Voucher Code is to get amazing discounts on them.

Enjoy your own company. Next time you get bored, try one of these tricks and who knows whether you end up with a more refreshed mind or the passion of your life.