Water Purifier Makes Your Water Pure and Healthy

Do you know that your body contains more than two-thirds water of your body weight? It is almost 70% of your body weight is water. And if that water level in the body decreases only 2% your body will be dehydrated and you will feel different health problems. On the other hand, due to rapid industrialization, urbanization, and indiscriminating deforestation over the globe water is largely affected by pollution. Huge industrial wastes and gases mix with inland sweet water which is used for drinking purpose and gets polluted and causes different diseases. So, how can you get pure and healthy water from such environment to stay healthy?

The water purifier is the ultimate solution

Water purifiers are mostly preferred by millions of people all over the world because only a water filter can remove chemical and pharmaceutical contaminants from the drinking water and can make it tasty and fresh. Only pure and healthy water is the key to stay healthy and fit. Take a look at the following benefits of purified water:

  • Good for health — Purified water ensures that you are consuming healthy water free from any impurities that will keep your body cells, organs, and systems healthy and strong.
  • Environmental benefits — It is found from the environmental study that 65% of the plastic bottles that are used only for drinking water creating waste filling up land every year. The percentage of carbon emission has not yet been calculated for such huge plastic bottles. So, whenever you drink water next time from your water purifier instead of bottled water, you will benefit the environment.
  • Protect from Alzheimer — Excess quantity of aluminum present in your water may cause Alzheimer. Researchers say that aluminum is difficult to excrete from the body and sometimes it might even seep into the brain. So to protect yourself from Alzheimer you must use water purifier for pure and healthy drinking water.
  • Protect bacteria — Your drinking water may contain bacteria that may cause diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps. Modern water purifier can effectively eliminate chemicals and metals like zinc, mercury, aluminum, lead, and copper which are often found in the drinking water.

Water Purifier Makes Your Water Pure and Healthy

Popular water purifiers that give you the solution

  • RO water purifier — The RO or Reverse Osmosis removes all impurities leaving the essential minerals from your water and offers you a fresh and pure water for your health. A semipermeable membrane is the heart of the filtration method.An additional carbon filter is also used to remove other impurities.
  • UV water purifier — In UV water purifier ultraviolet rays are used to disinfect your drinking water by deactivating the deadly bacteria and viruses that are present in the water. The bacteria and viruses cause water-borne diseases. It makes your water safe to drink.
  • Gravity water purifier — Non-electric UF based technology is used in this water purifier to provide you with bacteria and cyst free drinking water. A hollow fiber UF membrane is used in this purifier to purify the water.